OHS Varsity Football Team

OHS Varsity Football Team
OHS Tiger Spirit

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So how do we feel 2 weeks into the season? Well, if you are like me, you are slightly confused and disappointed. Our Tigers have a lot of potential but we are not using any of it. Let's start with our special teams .... are they that special? Our kick off return needs work. Ben Turner will be a great player, in 2 years. Why aren't we using bigger and faster players returning? Kade Hartley is a good choice, if he had some blockers. I also can appreciate the potential that Trampis Waite will have. But so far this year we have only seen he throws off the wrong foot, holds the ball too long and has tunnel vision for one target. It's sad that the opposing team can also see his target. If we keep throwing interceptions then we should be running the ball. Don't even try to blame the line for not blocking either. I have plenty of pictures of the line doing their job. Great blocking Dee Stephens and the line. So onto the running game. Again why do we give the job to a smaller player? If Jake Lande can't get the job done then move some one else in? Why aren't we seeing more of our seniors? Where is Tony Machuca and Zayne Sather? We also have the speed of Joseph Delgado, he is a junior Olympian!!!!! Why aren't we using that?
     Ontario against Vale this Friday is suppose to bring some different tactics. Will we see them? I hope so. Maybe we can find something to fix the rest of the season. So coaches ... if it works, use it! Let's quit trying to make our sons the stars and give the rest of the team a chance. In your quest to make your kids great remember the rest of your team. You may be ruining another athletes chance of getting into college with football. Time to get your heads in the game coaches. And good job to all the boys busting their butts. Your fans do notice how hard you are playing. Despite any negativity you are being told, you definitely have heart. Good luck this Friday, we know you will beat Vale! This fan will be there cheering you on.